Sunday, 26 September 2010

OOHPS!! some ones made them again!

these were on the Telegraphs love list but all i can think of when seeing anything red and leather is Britney Spears ooohps i did it again video!

so i think i'll give these a miss this season!

Isabel MarantCropped leather biker pants£1490.00

Friends are forever, not just for Uni

Moving back home after uni can be really hard to get used to.

I miss my friends lots

(Becky,Jules and Imy, messing around with Roses model cards)



I posted earlier about a shoot in Greece that i helped on for Luxure magazine. The magazine is now out so i can post a few more


ooh la la!

I'm in love with this shoot from French Vogue (October 2010) shot by the one and only Mert and Marcus.


Saturday, 25 September 2010

What's up doc??

I heard summer is over :(

R.I.P floral

For the last couple of years i have been a very big fan of floral, but this trend being tirelessly over worked in the shops has ruined my love for it.

Hopefully it will return soon



After a very stressful year A.K.A third year. I haven't wanted to think about anything fashion related. It was a time to catch up on my sleep, party and just be stress free.

I have now finally woken up from my summery haze though so it's now time to get back to blogging.